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B.S. Detector is a rejoinder to Mark Zuckerberg’s dubious claims that Facebook is unable to substantively address the proliferation of fake news on its platform. A browser extension for both Chrome and Mozilla-based browsers, B.S. Detector searches all links on a given webpage for references to unreliable sources, checking against a manually compiled list of domains. It then provides visual warnings about the presence of questionable links or the browsing of questionable websites:


The B.S. Detector is powered by OpenSources, a professionally curated list of unreliable or otherwise questionable sources. We no longer maintain our own dataset. Neither the B.S. Detector nor the Self Agency LLC assume liability for the accuracy of OpenSources’ data. To suggest or dispute a site’s inclusion, file an issue with OpenSources.

Example domain classifications (in flux) include:


Chrome and Chrome-based browsers

Click here to go to the Chrome Web Store and click ‘Install.’ The plugin is compatible with all Chromium browsers, including Opera (with the Chrome Extension extension).

Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers

Click here to go to the Firefox Add-ons Directory and click ‘Add to Firefox.’ Note: We are still awaiting the approval of the B.S. Detector by the Firefox Add-ons directory.

Other browsers

Support for Safari and Edge is on our roadmap. For now, you can use an older version of the B.S. Detector as a browser script. Install Tampermonkey for Safari, Edge, or any other available browser, then install the browser script here.


We welcome pull requests and community collaboration. See our Github page for guidelines.